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Open Your heart, Be Courageous with Your Boundaries

The Sun entered Aquarius, the sign of the radical humanitarian, on January 21st and Pluto joined him in short order on January 24th. The Age of Aquarius is officially upon us—save Pluto’s final retrograde through Capricorn at the end of year—and we will learn a lot about what is to come during the Sun’s journey through Aquarius. But we will also have the first Full Moon of 2024 in the beautiful and boisterous sign of Leo.

Leo is the sign that invented self-expression, creativity, sexual pleasure, and play—all of the things that make life fun, beautiful, and romantic. Leo is also the sign of leadership and, in ancient astrology, represented royalty. When we combine the positive qualities of this sign we get lionhearted leaders who value those they lead and support them in building lives that are both functional and filled with joy. The shadow sides are likely evident: unchecked ego, oppression, hoarding, and exploitation. Whether we’re born under this sign or not, this Full Moon is going to ask us if we are operating with a healthy ego, if we are enjoying life with a grateful heart or an unconscious desire for more, and if we can find the luxury and joy in life’s most mundane moments. 

Can our joy and romance and creativity serve us—and the world?

On a deeper level, this lunation puts into question the ways we view ourselves, and how our egos impact our ability to relate in healthy ways with others. This moon is making a square with the Sun (our consciousness) and Jupiter (and growth and abundance.) Squares are angles that create the most tension and conflict. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that something is bound to manifest from the squaring energy. In this instance: opportunities to build up self-worth through examining and releasing insecurities. Bringing grace to our doubts and fears through offering grace to others. Creating joyful and positive relationship dynamics through creating boundaries that support your emotional and mental health. 

Luckily, there will be help from Mars (our action and anger) and Chiron (our wounds and healing), but it may not seem helpful at first. Their configuration may trigger reactivity and those who are hurting or feel restricted are more likely to lash out. Put that practice of grace to work and tread lightly around those who seem to be struggling. Offer the support in appropriate and balanced ways without compromising your own sense of emotional security. This Full Moon is doubling down on our ability to create boundaries and we’ll have plenty of opportunities. Because Mercury, freshly out of his backward motion, is also joining the party we’ll also get to explore and release all of the thoughts and beliefs that keep us boundaryless or too rigid in our boundaries. 

Ultimately, this Full Moon is inviting us to courageously open our hearts to warmth, connection, and personal growth. Shed any qualities or behaviors that prevent you from being the best version of yourself, even amidst fears about how others will respond. Consider your friendships, relationships, and daily connections and ask how they’re shaping you. What do you need to let go of to create a community that’s supportive and regenerative?

The more that we can build our own personal communities of support and love, the more support and love we bring to humanity, the very foundation of what Aquarius—and the next two decades—is all about.