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Full Moon in Virgo

Author: Kelley Sue Milano

We’re just a few days into Pisces Season and are welcomed by a beautiful Full Moon in the discerning, meticulous Earth sign of Virgo. The Pisces/Virgo axis is all about healing and being healed, about our physical bodies and the spiritual force that animates those bodies. Pisces says “we’re all connected through the energy of unconditional love” and Virgo says “we can’t experience this notion without a healthy, functioning mind and body.” Some astrologers teach that Virgo is symbolized by a virgin because these were the original witches. Removed from the modern, patriarchal definitions of the words, a “witch” or “virgin” simply meant a woman unto herself. Completely whole and in tune with the rhythms of the natural world. She knows how to heal everything, understands the precision and perfection of the Universe, and sees the minutiae in ways others don’t. 

Full Moons are moments of release and if the Sun in Pisces has us conscious of our spiritual connection, a Full Moon in Virgo is helping us drop anything that inhibits our ability to experience the divine in our hearts, minds, and bodies. This looks different for everyone but taking time to rejuvenate your spiritual practice, no matter how you actualize it, can set you up for a year that involves more peace and healing. We may not be able to heal the entire world but we can start by healing ourselves. As within, so without. When we dedicate ourselves to piscean principles such as radical compassion, empathy, and forgiveness we become one more person anchoring those principles on the planet. We become one more awakened soul, generating energy of love and kindness. As we do it for ourselves, we invite others as well, and before we know it an entire community has elevated. This is how we can each begin to change the world for the better. 

How can you upgrade your spiritual practice? Virgo rules the 6th house of daily routines, rituals, and physical health. How can you optimize this area of your life to create more space for spiritual connection? Setting an alarm 30 minutes earlier so you can meditate or journal, starting a tarot practice, scheduling daily walks on your lunch break, or taking a warm bath before bed are all practical ways to build this connection. If you’re unsure where to start, take the advice of Barbara Stanny, author of Overcoming Underearning, “instead of asking what you need to do, ask what you need to let go of.”


Ways to work with the Virgo Full Moon:

Pisces Season is a powerful time to work with our dreams. Use our Dreams + Schemes journals to record your dreams and track your visions. 

Add our Virgo Candle to your altar or workspace. As we optimize our systems and routines, we create space for the divine to flow easily through our lives—and for us to flow with it. 

Because Virgo and Pisces are both signs that bring healing, initiating a clearing practice during these lunations can be especially powerful. Use our Clearing Aromatherapy Spray to cleanse your body, office, or living space. It’s also wonderful to use on pillows before bed, clearing the energies around the mind and opening the crown chakra to intuitive dreams.