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Crystals for Grief and Loss

Crystal Support for Grief and Loss

While the country is focused on love this month, we realize that many in our community would be best served by healing from loss and grief. Whether losing a loved one, grieving the loss of a meaningful relationship, job, pet or really loss of any kind, support during the grief process helps to move through hard times. 

Even if the loss isn’t recent, we often bypass it in the moment and only to resurface later in life. 

The fact is, we all have losses to grieve. So, we’ll be sharing many ways to navigate loss this month and we’re starting with crystal allies. 


Rhodonite - When your heart needs to be stitched back together, rhodonite is the unwavering friend there to hold the needle. It’s a powerhouse especially when losing a romantic partner.  Opalite - With loss comes (sometimes sudden) change. Opalite is there to help ease rough transitions.  Amazonite - When all hope is lost, the soothing energy of amazonite connects one to love even during times of bereavement.   Smoky Quartz - Depression often pays a visit when healing from loss. Smoky quartz is useful during these times to help lift depression and transform negative energy into positive.   Rose Quartz - The gentle, soothing stone that’s a salve for the heart is rose quartz. It’s one of the most popular to have on hand, because anyone can use an energetic hug now and again.


If you’d like to work on healing grief in a group setting, join us virtually on Valentine’s Day for a special event:

When Your Five Of Cups Runneth Over: Art-Making To Help Hold Your Grief And Loss