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New Moon in Aquarius: Cosmic Innovations

Author: Kelley Sue Milano

Time for something radically new. The New Moon happens at 20 degrees of Aquarius, the degree of passion, and invites us to step into a realm of intellectual exploration and positive, progressive thinking. We’ve spoken a lot about Aquarius lately with January’s Leo Full Moon and Pluto’s return to Aquarius—it truly is the Age of Aquarius—and this New Moon arrives to pack another punch. Conjunct its ruler Uranus, the planet of sudden change and accelerated growth, this moon brings with it not only a promise of possibility… but maybe even a miracle. 

Aquarius, the water-bearer of the zodiac, is often misunderstood as a water sign due to its moniker. It’s actually an air sign, symbolizing the free flow of ideas, intellectual prowess, and a penchant for breaking societal norms. The symbol of water-bearer represents the person who braves the wilderness in search of water and upon finding it, brings it back to the people. As such, Aquarius stands as a symbol for the catalyst for change, igniting a spark within us to strike out on our own journey with the intention to contribute to the collective in meaningful ways.

This New Moon is a perfect time to connect to our Higher mind for guidance. A time to question the status quo, challenge our beliefs, and to meditate in everything that is possible when we set down limits and doubt. Engaging in philosophical conversations, diving into inspiring literature, practicing breath work, and working with intuition are all beautiful ways to ritualize this moon. It’s important, though, to center the fact that this New Moon ultimately is encouraging us to look beyond our individual desires and consider how our goals, dreams, and actions contribute to the greater good. It's an opportune moment to join forces with like-minded individuals, groups, or causes and to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Aquarius values liberation, freedom, compassion, and equality above all else. It encourages us to break free from self-imposed limitations and societal constraints, inviting us to evaluate areas of our lives where we may be holding ourselves back. With Uranus in the mix we may encounter an unexpected curveball during this lunation that wakes us up even more to our own sense of freedom, reminding us that while we may not have the power to free thousands, we do have the power to free ourselves and that’s where all liberation begins.


Ways to work with this New Moon:

Dress your altar with our Aquarius Candle, Intuition Incense, and crystals like Kyanite (for interdimensional communication) or Turquoise (for mental transformation)

Whether you were born an Aquarius or not, you can connect powerfully to the energy of this air sign with our Air Crystal Collection. This pocketful of crystals helps boost confidence, courage, protection, and intellectual expansion.

One of our favorite ways to ritualize moons is through the power of bathing. A deeply spiritual practice with ancient roots, our New Moon bath bombs help you to anchor and release. Set your intentions for this moon and allow them to seep into your skin through the water and steam. As the water drains, let it take with it negative beliefs and energetic blocks.